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Camp Refuge on Wheels

ref•uge /ˈrefˌyo͞oj,ˈrefˌyo͞oZH/ 
- a place of safety or shelter from distress or trouble


Disability brings with it many challenges and trials.
Isolation, immobility, and frustration are daily struggles for many of the families and individuals that attend Camp Refuge in Peroba, Brazil. At camp, these families experience a community of fellowship & hope; they also enjoy a time of relaxation & encouragement. Many practical needs are met, and each day begins and ends with teaching from God's Word.  For many, The Refuge is indeed a place of shelter from the stress and distress of daily life.  And thanks fo the Christian colunteers and missionaries involved, it is also a reminder that-- and for some an introduction to-- Jesus our Savior who is also our refuge, now and eternally!

Consider giving to this great ministry and please pray for the camps scheduled for 2018!

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